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Amy Humphrey


- Counseling for Children, Families, and Adults


My name is Amy Humphrey and I specialize in marriage

and family counseling practices



Where My Practice Can Help


Counseling is often the best way to help people

  • Improve interpersonal relationships

  • Develop self-awareness

  • Foster personal growth


Counseling can help you learn positive coping skills and stress management techniques to effectively deal with life changes and transitions.

Counseling can also help parents gain a better understanding of their child's behavior in addition to providing emotional support and understanding.

Counseling is also an effective way of learning new communication skills that will help you better manage your day-to-day personal interactions.

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


Amy A Humphrey, PsyD LMFT

​(310) 702-8355

Riviera Village

205 Avenue I, #22
Redondo Beach, CA  90277

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Business Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: Closed
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